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Complete Marketing System!





An Auto responder system that does the bulk of the prospect follow up for you. It automatically sends your leads emails inviting them back to your Funds For Needs opportunity website. Included is 10 professionally written messages that continue to market to your leads long after they have visited your site. Below are a list of the different messages that are sent out:

Instant - Helping People Reach Their Goals is Our Mission Not Leaving you on your Own!
Instant - ~name~, Here's the info. you wanted
Instant - There's 2 Type of Opportunities ~name~ ...
Day 1 - ~name~ - This is Why...
Day 3 - ~name~, are you all in yet?
Day 5 - Here's the light you need ~name~ ...
Day 6 - Acre of Diamonds?
Day 8 - ~name~, What If $10 Could Turn Into $1000+ Monthly?



See detailed statistics about who is visiting your pages and what type of conversion ratio your capture page has. This is key information, that you'll find wildly useful when tracking to see which marketing approach is working best for you!


Never be in the dark about what advertising methods work best. We have made it easy for you to setup ad campaigns so you can see which campaign is delivering the best results. This feature alone, can save you hundreds to even thousands on precious marketing dollars. Once you know what's working best, you can stick to it and stop whats not.


View your leads, edit their details, leave notes, send them emails and more. We have made lead management an easy task.


Send all of your leads an email at the same time.


See which leads are opening your emails and which ones are clicking on the links inside of your emails.


Your account includes an autoresponse system so there is no need to use Aweber or GetResponse. However, if you already have an Aweber or GetResponse account and prefer to have your leads automatically loaded into your account you can. We have made it simple for you to use your Aweber or GetResponse account with your capture page.


We have a whole library of resources that will help you get started and turn you into a marketing guru with both proven online strategies that are simple and easy to implement starting your first day. Marketing tools included are Funds For Needs specific animated marketing banners, e-mail ad copy, Facebook and social media text/images, Prospecting tools on how to close your leads into Vision and Wealth Builders into Funds For Needs, and more added each month.



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Step 2: Order Your Marketing Co-Op/Lead Packs

UPDATED: Who Needs Funds Round 2 of Marketing Co-op NOW Available!
Experience the power of US Advertising
YOUR Funds For Needs business for you!


  • Get a GUARANTEED 100 MLM/Network Marketing Specific Targeted Leads. (with follow up tools!)
  • We Have brokered a special deal for FFN members to receive very high quality, targeted leads for your Funds For Needs business!
  • Each Share in the Co-Op is $50, you can buy one of these shares.
  • Each share that you purchase will give your WhoNeedsFunds.com Sales Page a position in the marketing Rotator. 
  • An example of how this works is if 20 total Shares in the CO-OP are purchased, and you have 1 Share yourself, YOUR website would be shown Once out of every 20 visits to our promoted Rotator link. 

  • The CO-Op Marketing will kick off Monday 12/1, make sure to get your shares in ASAP to be able to participate in this round of the Marketing Wave!
  • If You are wanting a way to Help Kick Start Your Funds For Needs business, you need the Targeted Prospects to do so, this Co-Op makes that much easier for you. 

This round of the Co-Op will run 30 Days. Each Share you purchase will grant you 1 full rotation in the marketing efforts. See example above. Results are NOT guaranteed, but every effort is put into making this co-op a marketing success for you and your Funds for Needs business, based on proven marketing sources and strategies. 

Order Your Shares HERE:

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